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Astro Water Signs
Astro Water Signs
Astro Water Signs
Astro Water Signs

Coloré & Astral

Astro Water Signs

3 x 30ml of love

98% of ingredients of natural origin


3 iconic gels under the sign of Water ! Mysterious and intuitive, water signs are highly emotional beings. Their inner world is dreamy and deep. They often have psychic abilities and can easily connect with the spiritual realms !

What does this wonder do?

Gently cleanses your hands leaving a delicately scented note.

Why is it amazing ?

  • Natural alcohol from cassava is used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed.

Magical results :

Clean, soft and slightly perfumed hands.

Scents :

  • Cancer, a sensitive fragrance inspired by the tender personality of Cancer, with notes of apple, rose, vanilla and magnetic love.

  • Pisces, a mysterious and intuitive fragrance (like all Pisces) with notes of citrus, mermaid tears and enchanted lily of the valley.

  • Scorpio, an intense fragrance inspired by the passion that drives Scorpios, with notes of cherry, mandarin and cosmic energy.


Other scents

Selected scent — Astro Water Signs


Parfums extraits des plus purs arcs-en-ciel
Scents from the purest rainbows
Formule naturelle
Natural formula
Format nomade
Travel size

How to use it

Put a dab of rainbow in the palm of your hand.

Rub your hands together for a few seconds as if you had just seen a unicorn.

The team's tips

Ideal for all those times when you need to clean your hands.

Our magic ingredients


Natural alcohol from cassava, used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed.


Moisturizing and soothing, it leaves hands softer than a baby unicorn.


Emollient, extracted from plants such as rapeseed and sunflower, it keeps your skin in good condition.

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Astro Water Signs