Updated on 08/06/20

Hello Kitten,

We hope you are healthy and keeping your spirits up in this particular time 🌈.

Your confidence and your health are our priorities. We have prepared this FAQ for you, to answer your questions.

What is our Merci Handy gel made of? 🔬

Let's take out the magnifying glass to understand in detail the magic recipe of our gels. You should know that they are composed of 98% ingredients of natural and vegan origin.

We give you our recipe (because it's you). The main ingredient is pure ethanol, i.e. 100 degree alcohol. It's in all gels, it's the basic ingredient. In ours, we put 59.52%. It then undergoes a transformation with a denaturant and water, which makes it non-edible (you're not going to eat our gel, are you?).

To all this, we add a zest of vegetable glycerin, a pinch of aloe vera (so that your hands are all soft) and our perfumes from the purest of rainbows.

Does Merci Handy hand gel disinfect? 👐

Our gel is a cosmetic product, within the meaning of European Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009.

Its function, as indicated on the label, is to clean the hands.

Our gels do not fall into the category of biocides (European Regulation (EC) n° 528/2012): we therefore do not guarantee virucidal or bactericidal activity.

To find out more, you can consult the super FAQ that the DGCCRF has published on this subject ( click here to teleport yourself to the DGCCRF website and go to the questions/answers on the decree). .

With my gel, can I avoid washing my hands with soap and water? 🧼

Oh no ! Hand washing with soap and water every hour remains essential (don't forget to rub your ten fingers well 💦!).

It is the most effective barrier gesture.

Since the beginning of our adventure, with our gels, we don't want to replace water and soap, but rather offer you a complementary solution when you're on the move and you don't have access to water.

And our price then? 👛

Our price has been the same since our launch 5 years ago, it is set at €3 including tax for our 30ml bottle on our website. Resellers are also free to set their own selling price in France.

As our gel is not a biocide, the decree governing the price of biocidal hydro-alcoholic gels does not apply to our cleansing hand gels.

What's next? 🌈

We really hope to get out of this crisis as quickly as possible, which is paralyzing the world and killing people. Barrier gestures are our best weapon! 🌍

Every gesture counts, And together, we are stronger.

We are preparing lots of very, very nice things that will be released in the coming months so that spring and summer can be a celebration after this difficult period. 🦋

New limited editions, a shop full of glitter, tons of contests and a new range with magic ingredients for your face.

You've read this far, CONGRATULATIONS!

You have won, you will have all the excluded before everyone else, it is promised.

Be well, take care of your loved ones, and respect barrier gestures in all circumstances 🙏🏻!

The whole team of Merci Handy 😊