How to take care of your skin and hair in summer?

La dolce vita yes, sunburn and dry hair, no thank you.

Sun is up ”, Inna would say (those born before 2000 will have the ref'). And who says sun says holidays, salt water and tanned complexion. Except that making the pancake on the beach and floating on a flamingo buoy for hours, our skin like our hair take a hit. Unless you pamper them to protect them from UV rays, but also from salt and chlorine. Let's go for the summer 2020 guide, or how to enjoy your summer without burning out.

Beware of the sun

Working on your golden complexion is all well and good, but you shouldn't go about it just anyhow. For example, lying on a deckchair in the sun in the middle of the afternoon, the body spread with monoï oil without SPF: bad idea. On the contrary, sun protection will not prevent you from getting a nice tan while protecting you from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. So don't forget to always pack a protective cream or oil in your beach bag: she's your summer ally.

Choose a suitable sunscreen

Does the sun protection section of the pharmacy make you dizzy? To be sure not to make a mistake, go for a cream adapted to your skin phototype (depending on whether you have fair, matte or black skin, the protection factor should be higher or lower) and which protects against UVB as UVA. When you expose yourself, renew the application every two hours and after each bath, even if your cream is water resistant! You will thus be armed against sunburn, premature aging of the skin and the risk of developing skin cancer… In short, all the damage caused by UV rays. I promise, your skin will thank you.

At the same time, stick to the summer rhythm and avoid sunbathing between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., since that's when the rays are the most dangerous. During this window, a light T-shirt, a hat or a patch of shade can do just fine. Otherwise, you can take advantage of this moment to take a nap. Wouldn't that be a bit like la dolce vita ?

Hydrate your skin

After jumping in the waves or playing beach volleyball all day long , the skin heats up a bit and you can feel it. Rule n°1: don't forget to hydrate yourself regularly during the day by drinking water. We know, it's basic and you have the impression of hearing your parents, but it's essential.

Once the evening comes, give yourself a moment to take care of yourself and soothe your skin, it badly needs it. Cleanse your skin with a mild soap to remove salt or chlorine residue, then cocoon it with a moisturizer or after-sun lotion. Your skin cells, weakened by the sun, really need a regenerating treatment to compensate for the drying effects of UV rays. This skincare moment will allow you not only to soothe your skin, but also to regenerate your cells, disrupted by repeated exposure to the sun. And for a real feelgood moment, store your moisturizer in the fridge: the refreshing effect is worth gold!

To pamper your skin, turn to products that contain ingredients known for their moisturizing and repairing properties, such as shea butter or aloe vera , which also has antioxidant properties. This miracle plant (which is nicknamed the “plant of immortality”, just that) fights the effects of the sun by delaying the appearance of the first wrinkles and accelerating the renewal of skin cells. And as a bonus, it soothes sunburn. It's not for nothing that we made it the star of our latest range of facial treatments ! To take care of your face as it should, we have associated it with the virtues of hemp oil through three products: a cleansing stick, a moisturizing jelly and a protective mist.

protect your hair

We talk a lot about the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, but the hair is not spared either. Sea, swimming pool, sun… the summer routine is not ideal for keeping hair smooth and silky. Put to the test by salt, chlorine and UV rays, the hair dries out, even burns or discolors. Not great as a result, unless you bet on a “straw bale” effect at the start of the school year.

To avoid getting there and rushing to the hairdresser in September, you might as well get the right reflexes on vacation. In order to nourish and strengthen your hair, apply a dab of vegetable protective oil to your lengths before going into the water. Argan oil, avocado, coconut, sesame or aloe vera gel remain safe bets. Of course, an oil with SPF is a plus since it will protect your hair from dipping sessions, but also from UV rays.

Adopt summer reflexes

When you're at the beach, get in the shower after taking a few strokes. This little step that doesn't cost much (unless you have to cross the beach on hot sand, but I promise it's worth it) will allow you to rinse your skin but also your hair under clear water, to get rid of the salt which tends to aggravate the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

Also, during the summer, don't hesitate to take care of your hair more regularly than usual: it needs it too! In addition to the traditional shampoo - conditioner ritual, you can moisturize your hair with a mask once a week, emphasizing the ends, which are the most vulnerable. This will relieve them of repeated baths and everything that weakens your mane during this season.

Looks like you're ready to tackle summer in the best conditions! In your suitcase, don't forget your ball, beach rackets and snorkel. Ah yes, and the unicorn buoy, just to think of us.