Three tutorials to add color to your life.

Because there is nothing prettier than a rainbow in life, we offer you the essential information you need to know about this wonderful phenomenon! And so that you can have one in your little kitten house, discover three simple experiments to carry out.

A bit of theory

The rainbow appears when our friend the sun and our enemy the rain meet in the heavens. The magic operated by this encounter gives rise to a phenomenon that allows us to observe the color spectrum , that is to say all the colors that a human can see. If we counted correctly, there are 7: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. But in reality, a rainbow is a real color gradient : it has more than a million shades! Only unicorns are able to distinguish them all.

Three amazing facts about rainbows

A legend tells that there is a treasure at the foot of these marvels.

Unfortunately for pirates, the rainbow is an optical phenomenon . It is therefore not possible to approach it and touch it, unless you are a magical creature. However, each rainbow you see is unique ! It depends on the precise place where you observe it and on your own vision. Two people will therefore never see exactly the same phenomenon.

You can also see them at night!

Yes, sometimes the moon steals the place of the sun . The light it gives off during rainy weather allows the spectrum of colors to appear ! Small disappointment all the same, the rainbow at night is much less pretty than the one that can be observed during the day.

It is possible to make them disappear

Your pair of sunglasses may be made with polarized lenses . These lenses filter the light and better protect your eyes from the sun. If you place your glasses vertically in front of a rainbow, polarized lenses will filter its rays and make it disappear like magic!

Practice ahead!

You understood it well, it takes several conditions for a rainbow to show up. But do not panic, we reveal three infallible methods to bring this wonder of nature to your home.

1. The tutorial for Sunday scientists

For this first DIY, you will need:

  • - A container (a glass or a basin)
  • - Water
  • - A small mirror
  • - A white sheet
  • - A light source (a flashlight or the flash of your phone for example)

Start by filling your container with water. Take your mirror, see that you are super cute then place it in the container. It must be half in the water, and half outside.
If you like math: your mirror should be tilted about 45° from the surface of the water. But half and half works too.

Point your light source in the direction of the mirror and position the white sheet on the reflection. TADAM! Your rainbow appears on the sheet .

2. The old school tutorial

If you are visiting your grandma or you are nostalgic for music, this house experience is made for you.

You need a CD, a flashlight and a darkened room. Lay the disc flat and point your flashlight in its direction. By playing with the light and your position, the spectrum of colors can appear on your CD, and even on your ceiling!

3. The refreshing tutorial

It's sunny, it's hot, it's time to take a break from your sunbathing to create a rainbow.

If the sun has come to say hi to you in your garden, get yourself a garden hose and arrange for it to create mist or extremely fine rain. Put your back to the sun (it won't mind) and direct the water towards the sky. Look in the direction of the jet, a rainbow appears!

The rainbow selfie

Have you tried one of our tutorials? Don't hesitate to immortalize your moment with a rainbow selfie ! Stand in front of the wonder you just created and play with the angle of your camera to position it in front of your face. #RainbowKitty #RealFilter

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🌈 Colorful kisses!