Having trouble understanding the difference between cannabis, hemp and CBD? To be honest, we understand you. That's why we've prepared this little guide for you, which should help you find your way around this very green lexical field . family (and explain to your cousin that no, his CBD vape is not going to get him high).

Hemp or cannabis?

Looking at their long green leaves, it's not easy to differentiate hemp from cannabis... So let's start with a bit of botany: the two plants are part of the “Cannabaceae” family, hence their resemblance. Except that they do not have the same effects (but then not at all). What sets them apart is their composition: both hemp and cannabis are made up of more than a hundred cannabinoids, molecules that cause a reaction at the level of the body's receptors. And among them, we find THC and CBD, which are the two most powerful substances.

Now that the basics are laid, let's dig a little deeper into the subject. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol (but let's call it THC, life is too short to try to pronounce it) has mind-altering properties. Concretely, it is he who acts on your brain when you consume it, and which can also be addictive.

If cannabis has such an effect on you, it's because its leaves and flowers are much more concentrated in THC than hemp, which contains very little, if any. In fact, it's simple: it is the THC level that makes it possible to differentiate industrial hemp, which is the one used as a raw material in many fields, from recreational hemp, which is smoked .

Cannabis, or recreational hemp

As you will have understood, recreational hemp is much more loaded with THC than industrial hemp , which makes it a drug. In everyday language, we then speak of cannabis to designate weed (even if in reality, cannabis means hemp in Latin). The UN has also included the plant in the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, officially making cannabis a drug.

The plant can be consumed in a number of ways, such as through its flowers and leaves (which reggae has paid much homage to, big up to Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill). We then speak of marijuana, weed or ganja. There is also cannabis resin - better known as shit - or even cannabis oil. Anyway, you got the idea. Among the effects of weed, users look for euphoria, a relaxing effect or a way to stimulate their creativity.

CBD, a powerful molecule

CBD, aka cannabidiol, is present in both hemp and cannabis. But if THC is illegal - it is on the list of narcotics - CBD is legal, since it has no psychotropic effect . The marketing of products concentrated in CBD is therefore authorized, provided that three criteria are met. The variety of hemp used must appear on the list of authorized plants; only the seeds and fibers of the plant can be exploited, but not its flowers or its leaves; and the THC content of hemp must not exceed 0.2%. “ The presence of THC in finished products, whatever its level, is prohibited , specifies the government. Not enough to be high with a CBD electronic cigarette, or with a day cream.

Cannabidiol is known for its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, relaxing, analgesic properties... It is for this reason that Cannabis sativa, rich in CBD (and low in THC) is used for therapeutic purposes in some countries. . France also plans to experiment with therapeutic cannabis from September on 3,000 patients. Treatments will take the form of oils, herbal teas, or dried flowers, and should help them manage pain, among other things.

The many virtues of hemp

CBD, hemp, cannabis, everything clear? GOOD. Now back to hemp, which deserves a few more minutes. This plant - not the one that sends you to the land of unicorns, the other - is used in the form of oil, fibers and celluloses in the textile industry, insulation, ropes, bedding, construction, insulation, dietetics... Fun fact : the first Levi's jeans were made from hemp fiber, known for its resistance .

But the list of the virtues of hemp does not stop there, since the plant also has many benefits for the skin and hair. Hemp oil, extracted from the seeds of the plant (the hempseed), is rich in omega-3, omega-6, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Translation: the plant has moisturizing, regenerating, firming and anti-inflammatory properties... In short, a real miracle ingredient.

Our skincare goes green

And it is precisely because hemp is full of qualities that we have decided to make it the guest star of our new range of facial care. We have developed a moisturizing jelly, a protective mist and a cleansing stick, all formulated with hemp oil and a ​l oe vera as main ingredients. A magical combo that combines what nature does best , to cross the virtues of hemp with those of aloe vera, known for its softening, moisturizing, healing and antioxidant properties.

Carefully concocted, these three products have been designed to pamper your skin: the jelly to moisturize, the mist to fight against external aggressions and the stick to eliminate impurities at the end of the day. And as at Merci Handy, we want the best for your skin, the entire range is made up of 95% ingredients of natural origin. No, don't thank us.