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Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack
Blemish Patches Pack

Purifie & Cicatrise

Blemish Patches Pack

3 x 24 patches


Well, we’re not gonna lie, we all have pimples.
And at Merci Handy, we want to treat them with love and a super style.

for that we have a magical way, the 3P technique! 1 Patch to Purify, Protect and Perfect

What is in this pack ?

A set of 3 blemish patches. Ideal to relieve your pimples over time !

What does this wonder do ?

The patch visibly reduces the appearance of spots thanks to the hydrocolloid technology that is well known to absorb sebum, calm inflammation and promote healing as well as your style.

Why is it amazing ?/h4>

  • Tea tree essential oil is drying and purifies your spots.

  • Salicylic acid helps to fight the bacteria that cause spots.

Magical results :

Proven effectiveness on sensitive, combination to oily skin :

  • 95% Patches protect and help purify pimples1

  • 90% Patches target pimples and dry them out (absorb sebum)1

  • 95% Patches accelerate the healing phase of pimples1

Scoring carried out under dermatological control on 20 very important people with sensitive skin for 21 days with at least 6 hours of application, % satisfaction.


Fonctionne sur tous les types de peaux, même les plus fragiles
Purified spots
3 formes et 3 tailles adaptées à ton bouton du moment
3 shapes and size to suit your needs
Des résultats incroyables : 92% des testeurs ont trouvé leur bouton réduit et extrait de ses impuretés (pus, ..)
Incredible results : 92% of testers found their pimple reduced and got rid of it’s impurities
Bouton peut rimer avec confiance, garde ton style avec nos patchs
Incredible style

How to use it

Choose the patch that best matches your spot. We have 3 patch sizes (small, medium and large) and 3 shapes (star, heart or cloud) depending on the mood of the day.

Apply it on your spot, with clean hands and clean face (you can use our cleaning stick before for example)

Let it work at least 6 hours, ideally a whole night to have a superb result.

Take it off with clean hands. So amazing, right ?

The team's tips

Well, this is one of our favourite products since the beginning of Merci Handy. Taking care of your pimples, taking responsibility for them and doing it in style, you'll see it changes your life. Trust this patch and the ingredients it contains.

Our magic ingredients


Tea tree essential oil is drying and purifies your pimples.


Salicylic acid prevents the bacteria responsible for pimples.

We explain everything about our ingredients

natural ingredient
safe synthetic ingredient (synthetic ingredient said to be safe and healthy for your health and proven to be effective)

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil

L’huile essentielle d’arbre à thé est asséchante et purifie tes boutons

Hydrogenated Poly (C6-20 Olefin)

Cellulose Gum

Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer

Salicylic Acid

Poloxamer 407



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Blemish Patches Pack