> Spring

As a water sign, the urge to take to the open sea will tickle your
fin, then like Garou, does not hesitate to take out the mainsail.
Single, the energy of Venus, planet of love could well
embark on a whirlwind of passion by putting an Aries on your

In astrology, Aries, a fire sign, is compatible with the
Fish, something to warm you up while waiting for summer. As a couple, it's the
time to get back on your cloud: getaway for two on the back of a unicorn or
chill in pajamas in front of netflix (no judgement), it's time to use
one of your great strengths : your creativity. Pssst, it's also the season
loves then to cuddle your other half, with very soft handcuffs,
put the gel in your pocket! *

> Summer *

The beautiful season and Uranus, planet of independence and the unexpected, te
push to challenge your karma and try your luck in a new
project: a reconversion? A travel ? The creation of a refuge for pandas
red ? Who knows...

In any case, this is the opportunity to think of you, your
future, your life, your work. Money, be careful not to burn it all in one
evening, the Pisces sign likes to live at night , so a piece of advice: think of
slip a sea urchin into one of your pockets. In August, Mars, planet of
the action, makes you want magic and novelties, do yourself
trust. The arrival of the new school year boosts you (and undermines you) like never before,
good vibes and good humor guaranteed!

> Autumn

The moon of September 10 will bring you luck, it's time to force the
destiny and take the reins. Love, Venus is playing tricks on you: a
seductive encounter from the past turns you upside down by resurfacing in mid-October.
The advice of a loved one could well be useful in unraveling the hassle and

Work, Pluto, queen of change bring you good
news, so we stay motivated and we listen to our intuition, which
rarely fails in Pisces.

Vitality, fatigue and low energy set in at the end of November, it would be time to take a stardust vitamin cure before the first snowflakes arrive. *

> Winter *

You will be the star of the Zodiac in December , the planet Mars is embedded in
your Heaven and brings you a mind of steel and a physical form to do
shaking Chuck Norris. It's time to cultivate this lucky star in you
finding a sporting activity: boxing, dancing, yoga with cats,

On the heart side, a Gemini will cross your path at the end of December , you
you won't spend New Year's Eve single... As a couple, conflicts of the
exhaust you, you want glitter in your life, be careful not to
not get bored. Mercury, the star of communication gets involved in your relationship
with a loved one, this one will ask you for sentimental advice,
but it will also be a great opportunity to strengthen your ties (heart with


> Spring

It's a fact, Cancer = discretion, but Venus, planet of love and
beauty will bring you Beyoncé's confidence and get you out of your
shell. In April and as a sign close to Nature, you will have a
strong desire to go green and go so far as to commit to
the environment, it's your karma that will thank you.

Be careful, the Full Moon of May 7 could well be the sign of a professional conflict , so we relax, we drink a matcha tea, and we sign up for yoga to manage this storm without leaving a clamp.

In June, reunions with friends will warm your little heart and boost your summer, enough to perk up before the arrival of the beautiful days...

> Summer

An early summer that promises to be rich and intense, the New Moon of the 20
July gives you wings and desires for adventures ranging from walking to
camel back to parasailing. As a couple, it's an opportunity to
put things flat between two mojitos, Mercury invites itself into your Sky
and pushes you to exchange objectively with your +1. Single, he
Cupid could well put away his deckchair and finally think about getting back to the
job ... so open your lynx eye and of course your heart.
A slightly calmer month of August, but Jupiter, planet of the good
fortune, will bring you excellent news. The start of the school year ? Not even afraid.

> Autumn

A return to school under the sign of novelty: Pluto, planet of
renewal and change invade your Heaven. Moving ? A new
job? Trust yourself and jump at the opportunity like you would jump at
a burger after a marathon.

Vitality, discharge your mind by discovering a new activity: art,
sport, music, or bubble football, you won't regret it. In October, you
devoted to your loved ones, family is as important to you as
selfies for Kim Kardashian. As a couple, the New Moon of October 31
will bring balance and butterflies in the belly, what to do

> Winter

Brrr entering your Mars Sky influences your physical form, a little
cold snap is coming at the start of winter, stock up on vitamins
with spinach kiwi smoothies and above all block the germs of
end of year with frost

Mercury invites itself into your Heaven in December and announces a spontaneous exchange
with your hierarchy. On the financial side, the end of the year is announced ric rac,
be careful not to go into the red. A meeting around January 12
could turn into a solid friendship, watch Gemini and
Scorpios, two signs you are compatible with. And hop, +1 on


> Spring

Morale in good shape and iron health illuminate this beginning of Spring. One says
thank you to Pluto, your flagship planet which invites itself into your Sky. It's the
time to take advantage of this strength to challenge yourself: make a
puzzle of 10,000 pieces or the Tour de France on a skateboard, depending on
your time.

The arrival of the April 23 New Moon will be accompanied by a
heart in love... be careful to control your emotions and above all to put your
jealousy in the closet (with a lock), it would be a shame to miss it
of a beautiful story.

At the end of April, your professional efficiency allows you to boost your finances (hello the increase) and to consider a well-deserved vacation: cocktail in hand and fanned toes.

> Summer

Uranus, planet of independence blows a wind of freedom on your summer:
a good way to let go and go with your hair in the wind, to the other end
of the world. At the end of July, Venus interferes in your couple and strengthens it , it
it's time to commit and make plans like sharing your nest
cozy or adopt a corgi (or both of yours).

The Full Moon of July 5 will be the occasion for a professional questioning, even if you appreciate Monique from accounting who shares your floor, you really need a new challenge. August, a passion in the field of art could be born following an encounter..., to your Picasso brushes!

> Autumn

The arrival of autumn and its dead leaves make you want to
chill in your sofa, small drop in energy due to the change of
season. You get back on track in November thanks to the arrival
of the New Moon on the 15th, but especially because you have adopted this gel
magical . Take the opportunity to take care of yourself too: a little
massage here, a meditation session there...

Open your chakras wide, it will allow you to end the year under the sign of serenity. Early December promises to be 'caliente' , Venus, planet of love will put a Pisces in your nets, that's good, you're super compatible with this
sign, which like you is a Water sign.

> Winter

At the end of the year, Pluto, symbol of change sticks to your sneakers and
gives you a boost of motivation to change your environment: you
move your furniture, you repaint your walls, something to awaken your creativity,
one of the main traits of your strong character.

After a month of December, Jupiter, queen of finance, fills your piggy bank, enough to make Jean-Gérard, your banker, smile again.

Friendship, the world is small, you reconnect with a past acquaintance , which will lead to a late but necessary clarification. Let Mercury, planet of communication and your lucky star guide you and empty your mind (no, not by stuffing yourself with ice cream), rather by doing an activity or reading a book.
Serenity assured.