Well, we're not going to lie to each other, we all have pimples 😜
And at Merci Handy, we want to take care of them with love and a lot of style.

This is why our product and innovation team created button patches and a magic technique, that of the 3Ps : 1 patch to P urify, P rotect and P imper

What is a button patch?

Button patches are small, fine, pink marvels (at least at Merci Handy) that have long been used in medicine thanks to their hydrocolloid technology. These small adhesive stickers are designed to relieve redness, inflammation and eliminate pimples (remember that the word imperfection is banished from our vocabulary forever).

But that's not all, these cute little things also act as a barrier, protecting problem areas from external contamination and preventing secondary infections.

Ingredients with magical powers: salicylic acid and tea tree oil

Our little patches are loaded with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

🍃 Tea tree oil is drying and will allow the purification of pimples. It is this same oil that will heal your pimple.

💧 Salicylic acid will help fight the bacteria responsible for your pimples. It will prevent inflammation and redness !

Do pimple patches actually work 🤔?

The answer is Yes with a capital O. Merci Handy pimple patches remove pus and dirt that could cause infections but also create a moist environment ideal for the healing process of a pimple.

On the other hand, they do not always eliminate the pimple overnight, but they allow the acceleration of the healing process by eliminating the bacteria and the redness, leaving the pimple flatter and less inflamed.

The main advantages of our button patches:

🌈 Works on all skin types, even the most fragile

✨ 3 shapes and 3 sizes adapted to your button of the moment

💪 Incredible results: 92% of testers found their pimple reduced and rid of its impurities (pus...)

💎 Button can rhyme with confidence, keep your style with our patches

How to use our little wonder?

It is best to use the patches when a pimple is on the head or occurs with white or yellow pus , because thanks to the tea tree oil it will absorb the liquid, excess oil and more 🥰

Step 1: We advise you to wash your hands first 🧼

Step 2: Choose the patch that best matches the pimple you are targeting. We have 3 patch sizes (small, medium and large) and 3 shapes (star, heart or cloud) depending on the mood of the day 🤗

Step 3: Apply it on your pimple, with clean hands and clean face (you can use our cleansing stick before, for example)

Step 4: Let it act for at least 6 hours, ideally overnight to have a superb result ⏳

Step 5: Peel it off with clean hands. So amazing isn't it?🤩

We have a little tip for you 🤫

After removing your patch, we advise you to do your skin good by doing a little skincare routine with our aloe vera range for example 😜

Well, it's one of our favorite products since the beginning of Merci Handy. Taking care of your pimples, assuming them and with style, you will see it changes your life. Trust this patch and the ingredients it contains.