Since the arrival of animated filters on Instagram in 2017, creations of all kinds have multiplied and offer you glowy, futuristic, extravagant and even creepy looks. As the choice is vast and you have no time to waste, we have concocted a selection with small onions.

Now a must-have for Instagram stories, augmented reality face filters compete in creativity to add sparkle to your (virtual) life. The feature, which arrived in 2017 on the social network, quickly developed to offer us a catalog full of filters of all kinds – and, by the way, make us forget the Snapchat dog filter. Shiny, kitsch, metallic, quirky, futuristic, gourmet, colorful… there is a face filter for everything.

The creation of filters open to all

And if the creativity in terms of face filters is richer than ever, it's normal: since August 14, Facebook, which owns Instagram, has made the creation of augmented reality filters accessible to all users on its Spark platform. AR Studio. Before that date, this creative studio was only open to a handful of digital artists and designers, responsible for testing the functionality. To unlock a filter and try it out, all you have to do is subscribe to the account of the artist or brand that created it.

To each mood its filter

Create stylish stories, express your mood of the day, explore the possibilities of augmented reality and the distortions of your face... Little jewels of virtual creation, filters can be worn and removed as desired. This is why we have decided to list, here, the crème de la crème of face filters, with a selection of twenty creations. Enough to draw some inspiration, add a dose of style to your stories, and avoid wasting a good hour among this huge offer of face filters .

1 - Rainbow Fiesta - Ramen Polanski, @ramenpolanski

Ramen Polanski , aka Jade Roche, is one of the most popular filter creators on Instagram. It's simple, since she created filters, her number of subscribers has literally exploded. Choosing just one of her creations was hard, but “Rainbow Fiesta” is a safe bet: a glowing face with rainbow reflections, it's validated.

2 - Revolution - Chris Pelk, @chrispelk

With Chris Pelk 's “Revolution” filter, the subject multiplies and fills your screen, giving the impression of a crowd in perfect sync. We recommend this effect for moving videos, like this remarkably well-executed choreography.

3 - 99 problems - Barbara Malewicz, @barbaramalewicz

“99 problems”, or the perfect filter to express general dissatisfaction. Impossible to miss the info, since it's written in big dripping green letters on your forehead. We get it on the Insta account of influencer Barbara Malewicz , who makes lots of other ultra-stylish filters.

insta filters

4 - Simulation - David Oreilly, @davidoreilly

Total change of atmosphere with David OReilly 's “Simulation” filter: from the cradle to the grave, this 3D artist takes you on the journey of your life, in a (very) accelerated version. You can slow down or speed up the effect by turning left or right on the center button of the video.

5 - Narcissus - Johanna Jaskowska, @johwska

With its shimmering effect, the “Narcissus” filter sends reflections of your face back into… your face. Behind this filter, which bears its name well, we find the artist Johanna Jaskowska , a fan of shiny masks with futuristic looks.

6 - Hologram - Aaron Jablonski, @exitsimulation

To turn your face into a series of digital data, head to Aaron Jablonski 's “Hologram” filter.

7 - Truly blooms - Allan Berger, @allanberger

“Truly Blooms”, signed by Allan Berger , will give you airs of a character of fantasy with its flowers of the turfu. We also like its “Formela” filter, which spins a set of spheres around your head.

8 - Spirit - @fvckrender

With its glossy “Spirit” filter, the tech-digital artist Fvckrender , established in Montreal, magnifies your face thanks to crystals that swirl on themselves.

9 - Pizza Crown - Clay Weishaar,

A crown of pizza, who says better? Clay Weishaar also makes tacos, hot dogs, donuts, marshmallows, burgers... Behind his stove , this Los Angeles-based creative transforms fast food into virtual jewels: crowns, earrings, greenhouse head, all you have to do is place an order.

10 - i.AM.robot - Doina Ciobanu, @doina

To sport a cutting-edge robot look, head over to Doina Ciobanu 's account and try out “i.AM.robot,” among other futuristic creations.

insta filters

11 - Crystalis - Aliya Ataulova, @whiteabysses

On her account, Aliya Ataulova shares soft filters with celestial motifs, like “Crystalis”, which makes you put on state-of-the-art glasses and transforms your gaze into a panorama of a pink sky.

12 - Optical camo - Mike Manh, @mikemanhworks

Have you always dreamed of putting on the invisibility cloak so dear to Harry? We recommend the very cool “Optical Camo” by Mike Manh . It melts you into the landscape in one click, like a humanoid chameleon.

13 - Chopsticks - Maxim Kuzlin, @maximkuzlin

To show your love of the good wand to your Insta community, head over to Maxim Kuzlin 's account. He created the “Baguettes” filter, a low-key homage to French baking, which lets you layer a handful of baguettes over your face.

14 - Pet_selfie - Alex Dohotaru, @alex.dohotaru

If you like animals, this filter is for you. With “Pet_selfie”, created by Alex Dohotaru , it's no longer you who holds your phone to take a selfie, but a cat or a dog, as you wish.

insta filter

15 - Math - Dan Moller, @danmollervfx

To give you the air of a mathematician in full calculation, go to Dan Moller 's account. On the other hand, it does not exempt you from working.

insta filter

16 - “Scribbled feelings” - Alfredo Scarpetti

With “Scribbled Feelings”, illustrator Alfredo Scarpetti “scribbles” soft drawings on your face, without lifting the pencil.

17 - Onlydragon - @onlytrashit

On his account, @onlytrashit created temporary tattoo face filters. To sport the same dragons as Bella Hadid, which extend from the chin to the eyelids, head to “onlydragón”.

18 - Glitchy Face - Mate Steinforth, @mate_steinforth

To see your digitally bugged face, try German artist Mate Steinforth 's “Glitchy Face”.

19 - Gold Glow - Brenda Cardenas, @cardenasbrend

Direction the future with the “Futuro” filter with rainbow reflections, created by Brenda Cardenas .

20 - Unicorn filter - Thank you Handy

For you who always dreamed of being a unicorn, we created our own Insta face filter! Teleport to a parallel dimension, a magic horn grows on your forehead and your eyes shoot rainbow lasers...