Blackheads: how to get rid of them? 

Everything you need to know to say goodbye to them!

Oh, those! We may clean our skin regularly or ask them nicely to leave, blackheads like to squat on our face! The nose is their favorite area of ​​residence, but sometimes they land elsewhere on our sweet face, especially on the chin and forehead. We explain to you how to prevent their appearance and reduce their presence.

Blackheads: what are they?

There are two types of blackheads: - those that appear with acne, which are called “open comedones”: these are in fact microcysts, created by the accumulation of sebum on the skin and dead skin cells. These microcysts turn black due to the oxidation of sebum . Not very appetizing explained like that, but don't panic: it's quite common!

- the second type of blackheads is caused by pollution and impurities that enter the dilated pores of the skin: they appear and disappear much more easily than the previous ones.

But why me ?

Many factors promote the appearance of blackheads, including:

- Puberty and hormonal changes : they will make your kitten skin more

reactive and therefore more conducive to the creation of blackheads.

- Poor skin hygiene : skin that is never rid of its

impurities creates an ideal ground for locating blackheads.

- Poor diet : fat, and especially sugar, favor their appearance.

- The use of comedogenic products : remember to look at the composition of your

products before applying them to your face!

Finally, combination and oily skin has larger pores and produces more sebum than normal or dry skin, so it is more affected by blackheads.

How to avoid them?

Sorry kitten, but there are NO quick fixes . If you have blackheads, you won't be able to make them disappear with a wave of a magic wand, without hurting your skin ! Beware of DIY masks made from glue and charcoal that are extremely bad for your skin or other products that miraculously promise you baby skin. Arm yourself with patience, apply our advice and adopt a good skincare routine for a REALLY effective result, and in the long term!

1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin, an essential step.

Morning and evening, it is essential to rid your little face of accumulated impurities. In the evening, start with a good make-up removal and cleansing , if possible with a gentle product and ingredients of natural origin, like our vegan facial cleansing stick!

To take good care of your skin, our shaman designed this stick with hemp and aloe vera. 2 in 1, it gently removes make-up and cleanses your skin.

2. Scrub and exfoliate your face

To cleanse your skin a little more thoroughly, opt for a scrub or an exfoliant! Each skin is different and more or less sensitive : take a good look at the composition of your product before use and make sure it matches your skin type. As a general rule, a good exfoliation once a week is enough to rid your face of dead cells!

3. Masks and patches

For a more localized treatment of blackheads, you can use masks or patches that specifically target them . But don't expect amazing results! These products will remove some blackheads, but you will rarely have a miracle effect on your skin. For better effectiveness, you can open your pores using a bowl of hot water: place your face over it for a few minutes, then apply the treatment you have chosen.

You can also create a homemade blackhead mask with 100% natural ingredients! Here are two easy recipes to make at home:

- Egg white mask

Start by separating the egg white from the yolk. Then apply the egg white to the affected areas (it's easier with a brush!) Then quickly place a piece of tissue paper on top. Then cover the paper with another layer of egg white and leave on for about 30 minutes, until the mask hardens. You can then gently remove it: there are fewer blackheads and your skin looks smoother!

- The honey and lemon mask

Mix two tablespoons of honey with the juice of half a lemon and apply the mixture to your T zone. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with lukewarm water: the honey absorbs impurities and the lemon disinfects and restores the complexion more brilliant ! Be careful not to use the lemon too often on your skin and not to expose yourself to the sun afterwards: the lemon is photosensitizing and risks creating stains on your little face.

There are an infinite number of homemade masks to say goodbye to blackheads, so don't hesitate to search your cupboards to offer yourself a natural and economical weekly treatment!

4. Pamper your skin

Imperfection-free skin obviously requires a healthy lifestyle, and yes! Your diet is crucial for your skin, so treat yourself to foods that are good for you and avoid high amounts of sugar .

Finally, to take care of your skin on a daily basis, good hydration is necessary. Even if you have oily or combination skin! You can absolutely have very oily and dehydrated skin, so don't skip the application of a good cream morning and evening.

And for that, our shaman has created a moisturizing jelly with 95% ingredients of natural origin. It contains hemp and aloe vera which help fight against blackheads. It is therefore perfect for moisturizing your skin morning and evening!

And here is my cat! You now know a little (a lot) more about blackheads. Although a source of complexes, don't forget: a lot of people have them! Finding healthier skin in the long term is more important than obsessing over your face every time a blackhead comes back to say hello!

See you soon