Everyone dreams of having beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile, but are there effective solutions without leaving half a salary at Jean-Francis (your dentist)?

Why do we need to take care of our mouth and teeth?

For several reasons it is important to have a healthy mouth and white teeth:

  • Smiling at the world is good, with white teeth is even better
  • Like us, you don't really like going to Jean-Francis, your dentist.
  • Without teeth you can't eat your super killer death burger anymore*
  • According to a very very serious study, you are 65.96% more likely to seduce your crush with beautiful teeth and a healthy mouth than without.

*expression expired since 2002 but we like it anyway

Why do our teeth turn yellow?

It is often linked to our “bad” habits: coffee, tea, too sweet food, smoking. Stop them? Easy to say but to do… The goal is not to be frustrated to have beautiful teeth but you can adopt new habits to embellish your smile.

Is natural teeth whitening possible?

Yes !! Like you, we don't really want to put weird stuff in our mouths so here we only give you natural recipes, which you can make at home and which are effective.

Bleaching with baking soda

Baking soda is a natural ingredient, present in nature: in the human body, in the oceans, etc...

baking soda

Concretely, it looks like a white powder with a slightly salty taste. It is a completely biodegradable substance, which is neither harmful to health nor to the environment. Used for your teeth, it is super effective on many aspects! Indeed, it allows to clean your mouth in depth, by dissolving food residues. This reduces the risk of tartar , canker sores and bad breath, etc. But also, it is very well known as a natural whitener! Its abrasive formula smoothes the surface of the teeth and removes residue and yellow stains caused by food or tobacco. In short, it is the magic ingredient. You can mix it with a little lemon juice for more efficiency.

Charcoal whitening

It is an ingredient resulting from the carbonization of materials such as coconut shell, wood, etc. Activated charcoal is very effective in absorbing chemical compounds that stain teeth and are found, for example, in tea, coffee. It is a natural remedy used for millennia in countries like India for example. Not very appetizing this black color but yet very effective!

Whitening with tea tree oil

In addition to treating gingivitis, canker sores, abscesses and bad breath, tea tree essential oil cleanses the mouth and teeth.

Strawberry whitening

Yes yes you read correctly! The strawberry ! Surprising and greedy as tips ;-)

Strawberries contain malic acid which acts as a natural whitener with anti-stain properties.

sea ​​salt whitening

It is an abrasive that removes stains naturally. You can mix it with your toothpaste when brushing once or twice a week

Please note that all abrasive techniques should be used in moderation as this can damage the enamel of the teeth.

And what is our method?

At Merci Handy, we have tried several of these methods, which are certainly effective, but which in the long run attack tooth enamel and we don't always have time to play Getafix and make magic potions.

So we wondered how we could manage to combine several of these ingredients in a simple way without our bathroom becoming the terminal teacher's new laboratory.

We have therefore thought for a long time with the product team about how to make this beauty ritual simple, effective and become a daily gesture.

That's when we had the idea of ​​a straw... but not just a straw...a magic, practical and friendly straw (we couldn't find a better rhyme, sorry) with everything it takes to have a sparkling smile, a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth.

TinTinTinTin (this is our suspense music to put you in the mood): TheSmile Detox cure!!!

Smile Detox natural teeth whitening

OurSmile Detox is based on the natural ancestral method of oil pulling, always drawn from the purest rainbows.

Oil pulling what is it?

It is a technique from India which consists of making a mouthwash with vegetable oil. The Hindus use sesame oil but in the West we use more coconut oil (the tastes and colors are indisputable). Besides the actress Gwyneth Paltrow is a fervent user of this technique.

Is Smile Detox natural?

Yes ! It is composed of 99% natural ingredients: Coconut oil, vegetable activated carbon and an aroma to give taste to life, nothing more. This natural treatment comes in addition to daily tooth brushing.

The advantages of Smile Detox

In addition to having beautiful teeth,Smile Detox also helps you fight bad breath, limit inflammation of the gums and bleeding and prevents cavities (yes, that's a bit scary).

In an ethical approach, it is vegan and made in France.

How to use it ? Put the straw between his hands and rub it to melt the coconut oil well, swirl it around in his mouth for 10 min, empty your mouth, then brush your teeth and presto, you can smile to the world. 14 days are enough to see the results at the rate of 1 straw per day.

The little extra tips to have ever more beautiful teeth:

  • Once a year go for a scaling at Jean-Francis, your dentist
  • Do mouthwashes from time to time
  • Use a soft or medium toothbrush and change it every two months.
  • Drink “messy” drinks such as soda or coffee with a straw (biodegradable straw is even better) to limit contact with your teeth
  • Use dental floss regularly
  • Ideally brush your teeth 3 times a day. 3 min with a manual toothbrush and 2 min with an electric toothbrush.