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Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine
Bye Bye Pimples Routine

Treats & Heals

Bye Bye Pimples Routine

4 products for 4 times more love

95% of ingredients of natural origin


Discover this routine specially designed to (gently) fight your pimples and visible impurities on your skin. Bye bye unwanted visitors!

Why this wonder ?

Do your pimples and blackheads dare to linger on your face a little too long? Discover your 5 favorite products for purified skin and a matte complexion. In short, a routine that cleanses, matifies, moisturizes and treats your skin thoroughly (and especially impurities!).

What is in this routine ?

  • A facial cleansing stick to remove all impurities in a single step.

  • Our new pimple treatment, Skin Hero Duo, to visibly reduce pimples and blackheads.

  • A Mini Moisturizing Gel to moisturize your skin and make it soft.

  • The Pimples Patches to reduce your pimples, absorb sebum and promote healing.

  • Matifying papers to absorb excess sebum (especially on the T-zone) throughout the day and prevent shiny skin.

Why is it extraordinary ?

  • Hemp oil regenerates, revitalizes and firms the skin.

  • Aloe vera has softening and moisturizing properties.

  • Salicylic acid helps fight the bacteria responsible for pimples.

  • These marine algae act on the skin microcirculation to improve the radiance of the complexion and allow a better cellular renewal.

A magical result :

An ultra complete routine that targets impurities, treats pimples and moisturizes your skin for a fresh and even complexion.

Scents :

Light and addictive fragrance, inspired by nature... We find floral and vegetal notes reminiscent of aloe vera and rose, and aromatic and citrus facets ✨



Boutons et points noirs purifiés
Purified pimples and blackheads
Formule 95% d’origine naturelle minimum
Formula 95% natural origin minimum
Textures magiques non collantes
Magical non-sticky textures
Made In France
Made In France

How to use it

If you have blackheads and whiteheads, grab your comedon puller and gently squeeze one of the spots to remove them.

Apply a dab of moisturizing gel to your clean face. Wait a few seconds until fully absorbed for magical results.

A button or an impurity ? Apply locally a hazelnut of care button on the zone concerned to make them disappear.

In case of shine during the day, take your mattifying papers and pat your face gently with the powder puff, especially on the T-zone. If the sticker doesn't stick anymore, remove it and use the one below! 3 stickers are included.

An unexpected pimple has appeared? Choose your best patch, apply it on your pimple and let it work for at least 6 hours (day and night)

The team's tips

Repeat the operation morning and evening for a deep action.

Our magic ingredients


Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it deeply softens and moisturizes.


It helps reduce dehydration, regenerate, revitalize and firm the skin.


Naturally beneficial, green tea mattifies, purifies and purifies the skintone and skin.


Helps to softly remove impurities present on your skin.


Salicylic acid helps to reduce the bacteria responsible for pimples.

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Frequent questions

Ce soin bouton est-il naturel ?

Notre soin boutons est naturel à 95%, Vegan, Cruelty free et Made in France.

Y'a-t-il des silicones dans le soin bouton ?

Non. Les silicones ont une structure chimique qui ne permet pas de pénétrer dans l’épiderme. Alors certes, ils vont te faire une peau toute douce, mais il ne s’agira que d'une couche en surface, qui au contraire peut avoir des effets néfastes, comme par exemple empêcher en partie à la peau de respirer. 🥵
Nos formules sont donc sans silicones, mais également sans parabènes, et sans huiles minérales, mais avec 100% d'amour 💕



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Bye Bye Pimples Routine