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Spot Patches as a gift

Spot Patches as a gift


Well, we're not going to lie, we all have pimples and it's totally okay!
And at Merci Handy, we want to take care of them with love and lots of style.

We have a magic technique, that of the 3Ps: 1 patch for Purify, Protect and Pimp

Why this wonder?

The patch visibly reduces the appearance of pimples with hydrocolloid technology known to absorb oil, calm inflammation and promote healing, and most importantly look great.

Why is it extraordinary?

  • Tea tree essential oil is drying and purifies your pimples. It is this essential oil that will heal your pimple.

  • The salicylic acid allows to fight against the bacteria responsible for the buttons. It will allow to avoid the inflammations and rednesses. 

A magical result :

Proven effectiveness on sensitive, combination to oily skin:

  • 95% Patches protect and help clear pimples1

  • 90% Patches target pimples and dry them out (absorb sebum)1

  • 95% Patches accelerate the healing of pimples 1

Scoring carried out under dermatological control on 20 extraordinary people with sensitive skin for 21 days in application for at least 6 hours, % satisfaction.
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Spot Patches as a gift