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Astro collector
Astro collector
Astro collector
Astro collector
Astro collector
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Coloré & Astral

Astro collector

12 hand cleansing gels + 1 set of cards

98% natural origin

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You're already addicted to our gels? You will be even more so with our brand new Astro special card game in a very (veryyyyy) limited edition ✨

For each sign, we have created a gel with a new exclusive fragrance related to its character and a 12-family game (yes, that's a lot) because at Merci Handy we consider that life is a game.

What is this wonder for ?

  • The gels gently clean your hands while leaving a delicately scented note.

  • The card game will reveal all the facets of the personality of your friends (the real ones) through their astrological sign.

A magical result :

  • Clean, soft and lightly scented hands.

  • A fun time with your family, your friends, your cat, your dog or your teachers (whoever you want, we won't tell don't worry).

Scents :

  • Aquarius, an innovative fragrance designed to appeal to inventive Aquarians, with notes of magical fruits and mystical waves.

  • Aries, a sparkling fragrance inspired by the radiance of Aries, with notes of pear, caramel, vanilla and magical glow.

  • Cancer,a sensitive fragrance inspired by the tender personality of Cancers, with notes of apple, rose, vanilla and magnetic love.

  • Capricorn, a lively perfume like the spirit of Capricorn, with notes of neroli, bergamot and intergalactic lightning.

  • Gemini, a multi-faceted fragrance (like the Gemini personality), with notes of mystical citrus and moonlight.

  • Leo, A flamboyant fragrance (like all Lions) with notes of white flowers, pear and stardust.

  • Libra, A balanced fragrance (like the temperament of the Librans) with notes of pear, coconut milk, white flowers and universal harmony.

  • Pisces, a mysterious and intuitive fragrance (like all Pisces) with notes of citrus, mermaid tears and enchanted lily of the valley.

  • Sagittarius, a warm fragrance (like any self-respecting Sagittarius) with notes of bergamot, laurel, lavender and full of positive waves.

  • Scorpio, a tangy fragrance inspired by the passion that drives the Scorpions, with notes of cherry, mandarin and cosmic energy.

  • Taurus, a perfume with a very strong personality (like that of the Bulls) with notes of grapefruit, green tea, fig and magnetic power.

  • Virgo, a subtle perfume imagined especially for Virgos, with notes of red fruits, peonies and waves of sweetness.



Une édition (très) limitée
A (very) limited edition
Formule clean
Clean formula
Ta prédiction au dos du flacon
Your prediction on the back

How to use it

Before you start your game, put a dab of rainbow on your little hands and rub for a few moments as if you've just seen a unicorn.

Deal 4 cards to each player, the remaining cards are used as a deck.

To begin, the 1st player asks another player if he has the card he wants in his deck.

If the person you're looking at has the card, he or she must give it to the player. If not, the player must draw a card.

If the card drawn is the one the player requested, the player must say “Good Draw!” and may play again by asking a player for a new card.

If it's not a “Good Pick”, it's the next player's turn.

Caution! A player can only ask for a card from a family if he has one in his hand.

If a player has all the cards in a family (i.e., 4), he places them in front of him and play continues until there are no more cards to draw. Then count how many complete families each player has and the winner is the one with the most.

The team's tips

The ideal game to take with you everywhere on vacation, in the evening, on the train, the bus, the plane... we still advise you not to play it on your bike...

Our magic ingredients

Aloe vera

Moisturizing and soothing, it leaves hands softer than a baby unicorn.


A Natural alcohol from cassava, used to clean your hands at intergalactic speed.

all our ingredients

Frequent questions

Est-ce que les billes dans les flacons sont du plastique ?

Eh bien NON. Ce sont des perles émollientes (c'est plus joli et c'est mieux) conçues par Merci Handy pour adoucir vos mains pendant et après l'utilisation du gel. Merci qui ?

Est-ce que les gels Merci Handy sont adaptés aux enfants ?

Notre produit est constitué en majorité d'alcool qui peut s’avérer être irritant surtout pour les enfants.
Nous recommandons donc l'utilisation de ce produit chez des enfants de plus de 6 ans sous la supervision d'un adulte.

INFO-TRI : comment recycler mon gel après utilisation ?

Après avoir consommé l'intégralité de ton gel, tu peux le recharger grace à nos Gels Grand Format pour continuer à mettre des arcs-en-ciel dans tes mains.

S'il ne t'en reste vraiment plus, saches que les flacons de nos gels sont 100% recyclables, tu peux jeter le bouchon ainsi que le flacon directement dans le bac de tri jaune.


Info tri

Puis-je boire le gel présent dans les tubes, il sent si bon ?

Malheureusement, il est médicalement, chirurgicalement et dermatologiquement interdit de boire ou d’essayer toutes sortes de consommations de notre gel autre que sur les mains. On compte sur vous.

Les produits Merci Handy sont-ils testés sur les animaux ?

Nos produits respectent le règlement européen n°1223/2009 et ne sont donc pas testés sur les animaux. Nous nous interdisons également de vendre nos produits dans les pays du monde (ex: la Chine) où les tests sur les animaux sont obligatoires. On aime les licornes, mais aussi tous les autres animaux...

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France France


les senteurs des gels sont incroyables et le jeu de cartes est trop beau ! je vais l'emporter partout avec moi en vacances, je trouve que c'est un joli cadeau à offrir

France France

Cadeau parfait !

Ma copine obsédée par l'astrologie n'a pu que adorer ce cadeaux, le jeu de cartes est trop beau et les gels sentent trop bons. je ne regrette pas mon achat !


soin des mains

Astro collector