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Night Routine
Night Routine
Night Routine
Night Routine
Night Routine

Moisturizes & Protect

Night Routine

3 products for 3 times more love

96% of ingredients of natural origin


The ideal routine to go to bed with a light heart and well hydrated skin.

Why this wonder?

After a long day, what could be better than 3 simple steps to rid your skin of accumulated impurities and moisturize it well before taking a trip to dreamland?

What does this routine contain?

  • Blemish Patches to Purify, Pimple and Protect your pimples overnight.

  • A Miracle Serum to give your skin a glow and moisturize it deeply.

  • A Gua Sha in jade stone to massage your face and evacuate bad tensions.

Why is it extraordinary?

  • Hemp oil regenerates, revitalizes and firms the skin.

  • Aloe vera has softening and moisturizing properties.

  • The alga acts on the cutaneous microcirculation to improve the brightness of the complexion and mask the imperfections.

  • In a stimulating massage, the gua sha relaxes your face and helps it to release toxins.

A magical result:

A 3-step routine for a clean, soft and moisturized skin, prepared to regenerate deeply during your sleep!


Light and addictive fragrance, inspired by nature... We find green floral notes, a vegetal scent reminiscent of aloe vera and aromatic facets of hemp.


This pack contains

1 Spot Patches
1 Miracle Serum
1 Gua Sha


Deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin
Formula 96% natural origin minimum
Made In France

How to use it

Apply it on your spot, with clean hands and clean face (you can use our cleaning stick before for example).

Let it work at least 6 hours, ideally a whole night to have a superb result.

Put a few drops of serum in the palm of your hand and apply it by tapping like Mozart on your face and neck.

The team's tips

For an invigorating effect, place your gua sha in the refrigerator for a few minutes beforehand. For a relaxing effect, immerse the gua sha in hot water before starting the massage.

Our magic ingredients


Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it deeply softens and moisturizes.


It helps to reduce dehydration, regenerate, revitalize and firm the skin.


It Improves skin glow , masks imperfections and reduces redness.


Helps eliminate impurities and softly exfoliate your skin.

all our ingredients
Sérum Miracle
98% ingredients of natural origin


Apply a few drops of Miracle Serum morning and night to the entire face and eye area. 


Tips de l'équipe : 

For more efficiency, apply this serum with our Gua Sha: it boosts the microcirculation, has a decongestant effect and will soothe your skin. A real yoga class for the face!


Peau éclatante, teint unifié et hydratation longue durée
Radiant skin, even complexion and long-lasting hydration
Pipette en verre, pour un dosage ultra précis
A glass dropper for accurate dosage
Pour tous les types de peaux
Suitable for all skin types
Made in France
Made in France
Gua Sha en jade
regenerating, soothing and purifying.


Grab your Gua Sha and start the massage by applying gentle pressure from the inside to the outside of your face.


Pour tous les types de peaux
For all skin types
Vegan et Made in France
Vegan and Made in France
Peau éclatante, teint unifié et hydratation longue durée
Glowing skin, unified complexion and long-lasting hydration

soin du visage

Night Routine