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Game of the 12 Astro Families
Game of the 12 Astro Families
Game of the 12 Astro Families
Game of the 12 Astro Families
Game of the 12 Astro Families

Astral & Ludique

Game of the 12 Astro Families

12 Families

100% fun !

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Coming from a neighboring galaxy, between stars and planets, this card game will reveal all the facets of the personality of your friends (the real ones) through their astrological sign.

What is this wonder for ?

Because at Merci Handy we consider that life is a game, we created for you a 12 families game (yes, that's a lot) with all the astro signs. We hope you'll enjoy it and that you'll recognize yourself in your signs, in the good and the bad.

Why is it extraordinary ?

  • An astro card game in (very) limited edition.

  • You can play with your family, your friends, your cat, your dog or your teachers (whoever you want, we won't tell don't worry).

A magical result :

Good luck and good pick ! 



Edition (très) très limitée
Very, very limited edition
100% Fun
Travel size

How to use it

Deal 4 cards to each player, the remaining cards are used as a deck.

To begin, the 1st player asks another player if he has the card he wants in his deck.

If the person you're looking at has the card, he or she must give it to the player. If not, the player must draw a card.

If the card drawn is the one the player requested, the player must say “Good Draw!” and may play again by asking a player for a new card.

If it's not a “Good Pick”, it's the next player's turn.

Caution! A player can only ask for a card from a family if he has one in his hand.

If a player has all the cards in a family (i.e., 4), he places them in front of him and play continues until there are no more cards to draw. Then count how many complete families each player has and the winner is the one with the most.

The team's tips

The ideal game to take with you everywhere on vacation, in the evening, on the train, the bus, the plane... we still advise you not to play it on your bike...

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France France

Tellement fun !

Ce jeu est tellement cool, les cartes sont drôles on y trouve les caractéristiques de chaque signe, c'est très marrants hahahah



Game of the 12 Astro Families